In 2015, the GoldenLEAF Foundation awarded Pitt Community College $650,000 to develop an Oral Solid Dose Training Program for the pharmaceutical industry. Our team is excited to work with the regional pharmaceutical industry to provide training in the theories and practices of oral solid dose manufacturing, as well as complement the activities of our university partners.

The training facility, called the Pharmaceutical Services Network at Pitt Community College (PSN@PCC), will reside in the Technology Enterprise Center (TEC) in Greenville, NC. Since the GoldenLeaf award, we have upfit 6000 sf in the TEC, customized our curriculum with regional industry input, and acquired state of the art lab scale manufacturing equipment which aligns closely with industry practices and the course curriculum. Courses will begin in Spring 2017.


Training Center Concept

The Service Center provides a pilot plant type manufacturing environment, equipped with relevant industry equipment used to teach oral solid dosage theory and manufacturing technique.

Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Program

The Oral Solid Dose Program is a comprehensive solid dose training course loaded with practical information on how tablets and capsules are made, it is designed for experts and novices alike, putting the entire manufacturing team on the same page. The participant will be able identify machinery, why it is used, and what it does. In other words, the participant will be able to go into any facility and understand the equipment and process at a glance.  This training event is a hands-on, step by step program, covering why and how we manipulate powders to improve them for tablet and capsule production.  We define each unit operation: weighing, milling, granulating, blending, tableting, tablet coating, and encapsulation.

Course Content Includes:

Day 1

  • Unit Operations

  • Formulating

  • GMP’s

  • Milling

  • Granulating

  • Blending

Day 2

  • Tablet Operations
  • Defects & Solutions
  • Coating

Day 3

  • Encapsulation
  • Summary/Q&A

Custom Courses

The Oral Solid Dose Program can be modified to accommodate specific client needs. We are can adjust the program to include specific modules creating a concentration on one or more areas of Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing.


Lab Services

The PSN@PCC training and development solid dose lab: is a non-GMP solid dose pilot facility which  can be utilized by our industry and vendor partners  for formulation development, production, & process optimization, equipment performance, team training and vendor demonstrations. We will provide the appropriate level of oversight and involvement agreed with our partner.

PSN@PCC Key Equipment:

  • Glatt V-Shell Blender
  • Quadro SLS Comil
  • Glatt Vertical Shaft High Shear Mixer
  • Fitzpatrick CCS 220-M38 Chilsonator
  • Glatt MIDI Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Kambert KMPC-10 Tablet Press
  • Sejong SF-30 Encapsulator
  • O’Hara 8.5” Labcoat BT Tablet Coater

Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Program – 2.5 Days - $1995/participant
Custom Courses – Pricing will be established based on the specific needs of our client.
Lab Services – Full Day – $2,000, Half Day – $1,200